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Mprime is a leading trader of Solar PV equipment in the marketplace

Mprime is the market leader in the photovoltaic sector in Portugal growing with presence in the main international markets. Is the solution when you want to have a partner that guarantees reduced delivery times, quick after sales solutions, quality, tranquility, personalized services and extremely competitive prices.


- HUAWEI SUN2000-33KTL-A [download]
- HUAWEI SUN2000-36KTL-42KTL [download]
- SUN2000-363KTL-A [download]
- SUN2000-33KTL-A [download]
- SUN2000-36-33A [download]

Negotiating 200 – 300 MW per year, the Voltalia Group has talented resources to obtain the best prices, globally, to power your project.

All products for solar energy installations commercialized by Mprime are part of a selection of equipments developed by renowned manufacturers in the renewable energy sector. Only photovoltaic materials whose quality, efficiency and safety are well certified belong to our portfolio. With an experienced team we can provide costumized solutions. The specificity of each team element allows, in addition to Technical / Commercial support, to provide Procurement services whenever necessary. Our goal is to make the customer's life easier. Through an order made with one of our commercials or through the online platform, we ensure that you have the best technical solution, at the best price and with an unbeatable delivery time.

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Mprime Solar S.A., Zona Industrial - Apartado 36
3684-001 Oliveira Frades
+351 232 811 381
+351 232 811 389

Business hours:
Monday to Friday
9 am to 6 pm
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