What to Look for in Solar Energy Companies

Solar energy solution providers come in different types. A quick online search will yield hundreds of results, and this may end up more confusing than helpful. This is dangerous, especially at this point where many households and companies are seeking to cut power bills by shifting to green energy such as solar. In this article, get some checklists, against which to vet a prospective company for your solar energy solutions.

Technical Capacity

An excellent solar solutions company need to have critical technical personnel on board. These include electrical engineers and technical servicemen. The experience and functional capacity of this personnel need to be beyond reproach. It is essential to check their qualifications with their respective professional bodies. Good standing in these bodies is a crucial indicator of their competence and ability. However, don’t stop there. Dig further.

Work Profile

Whereas technical personnel may be supremely qualified for the job, their work profile will say a lot about their past undertakings. Check the work accomplished in the past and whether it was done up to standard. Energy solution companies might have been in business for a long time, but this does not mean competence. Establish their actual work in areas of green energy and specifically solar.

Industry Reports

Players in renewable energy produce periodic reports and newsletters. In these reports, you will find industry-related reports on the trends and trendsetters in solar energy. Going through these reports will provide relevant information and guidance in picking the right company to drive your solar energy transition.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and feedback is essential when settling on the right solution provider. A positive customer review is an early indicator of a reputable company that meets its side of the bargain. Conversely, negative feedback denotes some unmet customer needs. Reviews may be found online, in company reports and press reviews. Even though not conclusive, a customer review is a pointer towards the level of service.