Common Fallacies Associated with Solar Energy

The greatest obstacle to the wide adoption of solar energy is the fallacies and misleading claims surrounding it. The internet is awash with misleading articles as to the cost, efficiency and usability of solar energy. The most common culprits are the climate change deniers who reject any attempt at nudging businesses and households into ditching fossil fuels and adopting renewable energy such as solar energy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Solar energy is one of the cleanest, reliable and cheapest forms of energy. For this and more debunking, read the article below on the common misconceptions of solar energy.

Solar Energy is Only Reliable in the Tropics

This is one of the most common myths bandied around solar energy. The tropics receive lots of sunlight throughout the year, unlike other regions of the world. For this reason, solar energy has been made to look fit and proper only for the tropics with the rest of the world painted as unfeasible due to a few hours of sunshine received. The truth is that solar energy is captured from sun rays regardless of how hot or cold the rays. This makes solar energy fit and proper for all corners of the world and across all seasons. Interestingly, solar panels work well in colder climate by increasing conductivity hence more electricity generation.

Solar Energy is Costly to Install and Maintain

The cost implication of solar installation has been used to turn away prospective users. The installation costs are claimed to be high and make no economic sense. Moreover, solar panels have been deemed expensive to maintain. In truth, solar installation costs compare favourably with other forms of energy. The rate return on investment depends on the usage while maintenance costs of the panels are minimal. Moreover, solar equipment comes with sufficient warranty guarantees to cover for certain eventualities for up to ten years.